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The Fitness Internet är vår plattform för tränings,-& kostprogram. Du navigerar enkelt mellan träningsdagarna i din kalender, hittar enkla videos på övningar och en grym receptbank.

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Information om våra program för 2017!

12 veckors Body Challenge på ICA Wellnet: https://ica.wellnet.se/Catalog/Show/133097

12 veckors stenhård gymträning: http://www.thebronsonproject.com

Kontakt: info@thefitnessinternet.com



Welcome to The Bronson Project, let's run down the basics of what Bronson stands for and wjat you need to know. Here we go:

The Bronson Project is a 12 week training and nutrition program focused on making you stronger, healthier and more functional, as well as leaner and more muscle-toned. The program is divided into three phases of four weeks each for optimal results. Each phase has a different focus; building muscle, gaining strength and finally high intensity. During the program you will learn how, and get used to, training harder and more focused. We spend most of our training time at the gym using free weights and some machines. 

If you also sign up for the nutrition program (only Swedish for now) you’ll get meal plans with tasty recipes during the whole period. You can also get a customized meal plan in English. And regarding the food, we don’t believe in diets. To be able to train hard and get stronger, you need to eat a lot more than you might think. So our recipes are based on good and healthy cooking that will enable you to get the energy you need to train and perform all through the day. The Bronson Project starts on fixed dates every quarter to utilize the power of the community. Once you have joined The Bronson Project, you are never alone. You’ll find help, support and motivation online together with the others of your group.

You access the program through our web page or our app, and there are both text as well as video explainers for all exercises. The Bronson Project has been developed over many years and we are confident will help you improve, but don't take our word for it, please read the reviews that we have been getting.


To access your account and get the program you have to:

1. Sign up on out webiste, https://www.thebronsonproject.com and wait to get accepted.

2. We send en email to everybody that get accepted. If not, you are put on a waiting list.

3. Register an account on this site and download the app ("the bronson proejct")

4. Join our Facebook group and wait for the program to start.


Information om våra program för 2017!

Facebook: @thebronsonproject


Contakt: info@thebronsonproject.com